The main concern of this course is on the analysis of real valued functions in one real variable and the limiting  processes underlying this  analysis. Since analysis is  one of the  cornerstones of mathematics, the element of 'proof' is of fundamental importance. The aim throughout is to convey the fundamental concepts of analysis in as painless a manner as possible. The key definitions are well motivated, and proofs of central results are written in a sympathetic style to demonstrate clearly how the definitions are used to develop the theory. This course intends to cover the following: The real numbers, sequences, series, and continuous functions.

This course aims to provide teachers with in-depth skills and understanding on the concepts of limits, continuity, differentiation and integration of functions. Furthermore, they will be able to apply these concepts in problem solving.

This course aims to provide teachers with more knowledge and skills on the concepts of probability theory and its applications to real-life problems.