Curriculum and Program Development for Early Childhood Education

Working with Parents and Families

Practice Teaching

Personal and Social Development (Play and Social)

Development and Learning in Young Children

This course has been developed to sharpen your focus on the main purpose of your teaching profession, which is causing learners to learn. The course is consist of 3 lessons of four modules. The course will effectively direct you on how to meet the learning needs of primary school children. In addition, as you diligently pursue the course, you will be equipping yourself with the valuable skills to design and produce instructional materials and be able to make selections of useful materials based on sound criteria.

The Preparation of the Curriculum and Instructional Materials for Pre-School Children is a special course. It is also very relevant to you both now and in the future as a professional in the field of education.

By reflecting on your previous knowledge gained when you studied General Teaching Methods, you observed that every teaching method requires some form of learning and teaching material to enable its effectiveness.

If you work in a primary school or you are able to pay a visit to one, particularly a local government primary school, you will observe the acute shortage of instructional materials in the schools, why is this so? With this course you could soon be in the position to design instructional materials that will be widely distributed.

Reflect on your learning in Educational Technology in Teaching and Learning. You shall be referring to it when discussing the variety of instructional materials and their application in the classroom. Remember, every course in your programme of study is relevant and inter-related to each other for effective learning.

Preparation of the Curriculum and Instructional Materials for Pre-School Children will focus on the learning needs of children in primary schools and you know you can satisfy them. More importantly, the course will equip you with skills necessary to thoughtfully design and produce or select relevant and appropriate instructional materials for primary classes.